Android Device Manager - Locate, Ring and Lock Your Smartphone

Android Device Manager is the one of the best online application provided by google for their android users to locate their smartphones just by logging on to
a site. 
Android Device Manager By Google

This app has several many features, we will briefly take a look at these: 

  1. Locate your Device: Yup! guys you can locate your device where currently your android smartphone is, however the bad part is that your phone should be connected to internet. Else, it will show the last connected location of your device. It is usful when you forgot your phone somewhere and even when someone stolen your lovely android phone, but only helpful when the robber is noob and dont know how to root the device. It can locate your device as accurate as upto 10 metres of radius.

  2. Setup Lock and Erase: In my opinion this lock and erase feature is the best one. If your device contains top secret content or very confidential data and you lost your phone somewhere, it is the best solution for you to lock and erase your device if you think that the information might leak

  3.  Ring: This option is especially for Housewives :p who dont care much about the smartphone and forgot it somewhere in the home but then the other time when they need it they cant find it. This RING option will let you ring the phone in Full Volume for five minutes even if the phone is in Silent Mode. So if you lost your phone somewhere nearby you can use this feature. 

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