Android Kitkat 4.4 : The Crunchy Features

Kitkat 4.4 Release Warmup

The latest Android version update Kitkat 4.4 was unveiled on 31st of october 2013 and the search engines are now full of searches like kitkat 4.4 update for my smartphone, kitkat 4.4 release, android 4.4, 4.4 kitkat features, phones that will get kitkat 4.4 update etc. Google has announced that they will be launching kitkat 4.4
with Nexus 5, followed by releases to the Nexus 4, 7 and 10(Sorry Galaxy Nexus users :( )
Also there were rumours related to Android 4.4 that it would be named ' Key Lime Pie ' but after a non-financial deal with Nestle, Google decided to name Android 4.4 after Kitkat.

Now lets have a quick look at the features of Android 4.4

  • The Always listening Google Now

    With the all new Kikat update Google has embedded the always listening features that is you can give any voice command to the smartphone started by "OK Google" and it will give you a instant response to the command.

  • Full screen Mode 
  • This mode is a new step taken by Google to make homescreen interface a liitle bit more attractive and giving more space to your wallpapers by making the notification bar transparent. The notification bar shows up when you slide your finger from top to bottom with all the options. It also changes the way the bottom homescreen button looks and the system interface too.

  • Support for low Spec'd Devices
  • Google has optimized android 4.4 in such a way that devices as low as 512MB of RAM can run it smoothly. This will largely decrease the fragmentation that has been created through the years in the Android ecosystem.

  • Support for Various sensors
  • Native support for sensors like step counter, IR Blasters etc. pave the way for better smart watches and fitness bands based on android. These low-power sensors will in turn reduce the load on the main processor and hence reduces the battery drain.

  • Miscellaneous Features
  • Features like enhanced support for NFC payments, cloud printing, bluetooth MAP support will help increase the "smartness" of your smartphone.