Android Kitkat 4.4 : Minimum Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements for Android 4.4

As, announced by Google that the Android Kitkat 4.4 will feature support for low end phones or entry level phones but thereis a lot confusion about the minimum hardware this 4.4 will support.
All over the net it is known that it supports 512MB RAM phone but no one tells the processor required
or which phones it will support smoothly.
As tested and used by our Android Hub team for some low end devices we have reached some great results related to requirements as well as the brand it will support efficiently.

First of all we will look at the minimum hardware requirents for Android Kitkat 4.4:

RAM: 512 MB

Processor: 1 GHz (Single Core)

Internal Memory: 2 GB

Chipset: Snapdragon 200, Mediatek MT6572, Exynos 3 etc.

So, these are the minimum requirements based on our experiments. The above given specicfication already gives us the idea that on which phones Android 4.4 will work and which one it will not. Although this data clears the smartphone support we have created a list of brand phones for you which could support kitkat 4.4.

Mobile Phones that can be supported by kitkat 4.4:

  1. Samung
    • Galaxy S Series
      • i9000
      • Plus i9001    
      • Advance i9070    
      • Duos S7562    
      • i9100    
      • i9100G    
      • i9105
      • Galaxy S II Plus    
      • i9210 HD LTE   
      • Mini i8190    
      • i9300
      • i9305   
      • Zoom SM-C1010    
      • Mini i9190
      • Active i9295
      • i9500
      • i9505
    • Galaxy Note Series
      • Note 1
      • Note 2
      • Note 3

  2. Micromax
    • All Canvas Series
    • All Doodle Series

  3. HTC
    • All Desire Series
    • All ONE Series
Do mind that these devices CAN get and run Android 4.4 easily, there is no guarantee of the devices being officially upgraded. But if people develop custom ROMs for your phone, you might just get Kitkat unofficially


  1. There is no single MT6572 device in the World, which support KitKat at this very point of time.


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