[HOWTO] Run android on your PC with Android-x86 Project

Android is an OS which nearly everyone has used at least once, be it on a smartphone or a tablet. Many manufacturers and developers have brought it to other things as well, like ovenswatchescameras and a lot more. You can look at some
of them here

Another thing has recently being added to the list, PCs and laptops. Thanks to the massive android community, we can also install and run our beloved OS on our PCs.

We at Android Hub have found a very easy way to install Android on your PC, laptop or even your USB flash drive.


  1. An Andriod-x86 ISO which can be found here
  2. For the latest one choose "android-x86-4.3-20130725.iso
  3. Windows XP,Vista,7 or 8
  4. .NET Framework 4(You will already have this if you keep updating your OS)

Instructions for installing

  • Download the ISO file from the site given above
  • Download the Android-x86 Installer here
  • Launch the installer
  • Select the ISO file you downloaded 
  • Select the disk partition you want to install Android in, this could be one of your hard disk partitions or your USB drive
  • Select "User Data Max. Size", this is the amount of storage in which Android will install apps in
  • Click "Install"
The installation can take from anything between 1 to 20 min. So be patient
Here's a screenshot of the installer

A few things to note

  • If you installed it in your Computer's harddrive, you will have an option to select the OS when you power on your computer.
  • If you installed it in a removable media like a USB drive you will have to boot your computer from the USB Drive to run android.
  • You can remove it from your computer like any other program via the Control Panel
  • You will have to manually install APKs via a file manager because they are not shown to be compatible with the Play Store

Enjoy running Android on your PCs