Some [Must know] Android Features Tricks

Android is one of those smartphone OS' that have lots of functions and short tricks. Its vast features and tricks are really helpful in day to day life and work. I have tried to consolidate some
of the features and tricks of the android OS that would be useful for you and for your specific requirements below:
1. Taking the screenshot of your smartphone: Its easy and useful feature (trick) of android phones, all you have to do is just long press the VOLUME DOWN and POWER button simultaneously.

2. Connecting USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse: Yes! you can connect your smartphone with your normal pc keyboard or mouse. This feature is applicable for those phones that supports OTG cable( micro usb to usb 2.0). If you have wireless connector for your keyboard and mouse, simply plug in the bluetooth device and BINGO! you can use your keyboard and mouse now on your android device. However, if you have wired USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse you don't need to be sad. First you will need a USB Hub ( A USB Hub have One to many USB ports) connected to your OTG cable then plug in your keyboard and mouse in the usb hub , even I am writing this post through wired keyboard and mouse :).

3. Unlocking If your phone got locked or you forgot the password: If you forgot your password or someone had tried to unlock your phone and it got locked you can use this helpful method.
First switch off your phone. Then, hold the VOLUME UP/DOWN(Depending on your phone's manufacturer) button and then hold POWER button together. Now, phone will boot in developer mode. You can choose options by using volume up and down key. Choose delete user data, it will take some time and you are done. Start the phone.
Note: This method will delete all user data and it will start at factory settings.

4. Bluetooth tethering: It is possible to share your internet connection via Bluetooth. This feature was included since Android 4.0 but some manufacturers remove it. If you are the lucky ones that still have the feature, you can enable it under Settings-->More..(In the "Wireless & Networks" section)-->Tethering and Portable Hotspot. Google Glass is a device that utilizes this feature.

5. Wi-Fi Direct: Wi-Fi direct is a feature that utilizes Wi-fi to make connections like bluetooth and share files. It can also be used for mirroring your display on your TV using the Miracast Technology, given that your phone and TV supports Miracast


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