The New Facebook Messenger

There has been some buzz about the FB Messenger being updated for Android with a new interface. The beta testers have got the update, and the APK file has been released as well. So we take a look at the new look of
Facebook Messenger

What's so new?

Almost every aspect of the look has been changed, it is now inspired by the new iOS7. It has become simplistic and quiet pleasing than the previous versions. But there a still a few things here and there which cause some problems

The first thing you will see is the login screen
 Although the SMS feature is said to be removed, the app still requires you to verify your mobile number. Meaning it hasn't been entirely removed as of now.
The good thing is that it shows who is online from what kind of device, it also shows whether the person is available via messenger.

Chat Heads are still present and have taken the same aesthetic as the app.

 Funny thing I noticed that it's emojis seemed a bit similar..........

                                                                       Looks like FB copied something :D

Here are some other screenshots

 The update is rolling out shortly