New Google Rumor about "Nexus TV" | Slowly Google is Trying To Be Your Lifepartner

As the big tech companies are increasing their production varieties so as the Rumors of new gadgets and version of the gadgets are proportionally increasing. According to a new rumour Google has planned to launch its another product
NEXUS TV in the market in mid of the upcoming New Year 2014.

This Android powered device will be capable of playing games and display web broadcast and will come up with it's own newly designed remote. In spite of the fact that it is named under TV it will not transmit live television broadcasts. As Google is master of the huge internet contents, they know what to focus with their new Big G brand.

As Google knows that Televisions are the second or one of the most used Gadget of this World after mobile phones, it will closely work with the android powered device. It is also in rumor that this device will share the Google Play Library. Well, as a customer we all need such gadgets in market but also want that prices are in our range. Hope, Google will take care of the prices too.

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