Rooting 101: Introduction

A lot of people ask about rooting their android smartphones, so I decided to create a series of post covering the aspects of root, it's merits and demerits, and root apps. This post is simply to introduce newcomers to what root actually is.

What is Root?

Root access(generally termed as "Root") is like administrator permissions on your PC. The similarity between the two is the ability to access the innermost functions of your device. This in some cases also allows you to modify system files.
Linux users might be aware of this term as it is derived from Linux since Android is based on the Linux Kernels

What can I do with?

The functionality acquired actually depends on the Apps that take advantage of it, these can be as simple as allowing access change to system files to enhancing the working of the phones features. The most useful one in my opinion being able to backup data of apps or messages and to be able to restore it to state it was when backed up 

That's all for the introduction, the next post in the series will allow you to decide whether to root your precious android phone or not