Rooting 101: Should I?

We are back with the Rooting 101 series to tell all you need to know about Root and whether it is necessary or not.

Do I Need Root?

The need for Root isn't much for the general android consumer, most people tend to do it out of curiosity while some like to learn about it. Some others have an old Android lying around and want to experiment the hell out of it.
Although helps you in some places, it can be security threat as well if you are not careful. More on that later

To cut short, if you genuinely want to learn about the OS's inner functioning then Root is made for you. In most other cases root won't do much good

I don't care what's written above, I still need root.... How do I get it?

This is the tricky part, there is no universal method for root. In some cases it is easily accomplished with a click while in other cases you might have to do more at the risk of bricking the phone, rendering it completely non-functional.

So you will have to hope that you get an easy way to do it

For the geeks: Rooting is generally done by making use of "Exploits" in phones, code is written to force Root access by using the exploits and then the "su binaries" added and appropriately permissioned

You will need to google this bit as I won't be able to cover methods for every phone

Any Risks?

There are some risks to rooting your phone if you are not careful enough. I'll be listing the general ones
  1. Malicious apps will have better control of your phone making it easier for the app to steal sensitive information
  2. Rooting voids your warranty, meaning you won't be able to get it fixed/repaired from your manufacturer if something goes wrong
  3. The rooting process could be a problem in it self, making a good chance of bricking your phone
  4. Messing with system files is always a risky play