Some Latest & Cool SmartWatches You Must Know [MWC 2014 Included]

In this era of technology and people being tech friendly, new technology is developed faster and faster everyday and such developments is rapidly increasing in the stream of phones and watches. Many feature phones and smart phones are being released every day, each new phone coming with improved technology and features. But these smart phones are not enough to quench the thirst of the population; hence smart watches are being developed.

What is a smart watch? – A smart watch is a computerized gadget which can be more referred to as personal digital assistant device. Smart watches are designed to run the mobile apps effectively, run audio and video content, run Bluetooth to share files and the call functions are included in the latest smart watches. Many other features are being added such as camera, accelerometer, FM radio, GPS-navigation, rechargeable battery and much more for the ease of the users. These may also allow you to access internet over network data or Wi-Fi.

Many companies are into making of smart watches and here are some of them:

Huawei Talk Band B1 SmartwatchHuawei Talk Band B1- The smart watch of Huawei is going to be available in many colors comes with a 1.4 inch (3.556 cms) flexible OLED screen, NFC pairing and Bluetooth 4.1, call function is also included. This device also keeps a track of your fitness, allows you to even pair with android devices (2.3 and above) and apple devices (IOS 5 and above). You can even wear it while taking showers as it is IP57 water- and dust-resistant. The device has a rechargeable battery giving you 7hours of talk time and 2 weeks of standby. Huawei has priced it at 136 US$ (8500 INR).
Galaxy Gear Neo Smartwatch

Samsung- Samsung has announced three new smart watches – Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Gear Neo, Galaxy Gear Fit.
The 3 devices have similar features and specifications with a little change in their composition, structure and display. All 3 have the ability to receive messages, notifications and calls with a 1.63-inch super AMOLED display of 320X320 resolutions. Gifted  with a 1.0 GHz dual core processor, these work amazingly fast including a 2.0 mega pixel autofocus camera supporting video recording@720p and microphone input. Accelerometer, heart rate monitors, pedometers are featured in these devices along with the brand new OS Tizen. Samsung has even included a direct TV connectivity via a built-in IR blaster. Samsung claims that the battery backup lasts longer with a battery backup of 3-4 days under normal usage. All these devices are expected to be shipped on April 15 in more than 150 countries priced likely at 200 US $ (12.5 k INR) approximately.

Sony smartwatches

Sony- Sony’s smart watch includes features like messaging, social networking sites, music player, call function which adds colors and style to your life. It is compatible with many android phones, allows the users to download apps from Google play and the users can experience the new multi-level touch which allows navigation by simple swipes or taps. This gadget has a Bluetooth-3.0 which operates in a range of 10m, 36mmX36mm display (thickness-8mm) with a OLED display. Sony claims that this device is rechargeable and can be used up to 1 day with heavy usage and 3-4 days under normal usage, priced at 7k INR by Sony.
Microsoft- Microsoft is one of those brands which doesn’t launch things frequently, but when launched they make sure it hits the market with a traumatic effect. Microsoft is well known for its contribution in OS but this time it has come with something unexpected. As for the rumors, Microsoft is working on a smart watch which is designed to run on windows 8. The smart watch from Microsoft is rumored to be made from oxynitride aluminum which gives the translucent property to the device and makes it 4 times stronger than glass. Microsoft is going to make the debut with 1.5 inch display watch along with different colors removable wrist bands. It is rumored that this device may use the 4G LTE network and has a storage capacity of 6GB. The price and other specs have not been known yet.

Sonostar Smartwatch

Sonostar- Though many people had not heard about it, Sonostar has launched a smart watch which is featured with 1.73 inch touch screen and a resolution of 320x240 pixels. It supports some of the dedicated apps and is compatible with Android 2.3 and higher and IOS 6 and higher. The smart watch can be connected to a phone through Bluetooth. This amazing device comes in both black and white colors, with a rechargeable battery and a backup of 5-7 days under typical usage. Sonostar has priced it at 180 US$ (11.2k INR).

Yingqu smartwatch

Yingqu smart watch- By the name itself it donates the country china, this smart watch is produced by China Company which has cool specs. This device is a bit different from others as it has a 1.54 inches touch screen along with a dual core processor for faster processing. You can also capture your unforgettable moments by capturing the pictures with this watch with a 2MP camera, you can also control this by voice commands and has a built in microphone. The connectivity includes blue tooth, GPS and other various sensors. This smart watch runs on the android OS -4.2 jelly bean and is priced at 300 US$ (19000 INR) which seems to be costly, this can be run for 2 days under heavy usage.

Hyetis crossbow Smartwatch

Swiss made smart watch – Hyetis crossbow- The name of the device says everything. This is a company in Switzerland, which has made a devastating impact in the market with its smart watch. This watch has got amazing and astonishing specs, a dual core 1.2 GHz ARM A9 processor, quad core GPU. Extensive features include storage of 64GB flash memory, high resolution 9 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscopes, magneto meter, luxmeter, pressure sensor, dual temperature/humidity sensors, GPS , blue tooth, NFC and HD microphone.
This device uses a Luxpath optical zoom and MEMS driven lenses set. It has a keen eagle camera of 48MP with face recognition processing. Having a infared LED light emitter this has all the basic software support of the android phones. It is water proof, made from grade 5 titanium and polished with dark knight. Though it has many cool specs it is priced at a unjustifiable 1200 US $ (74.5 k INR).

Many other companies like Google, Apple, HTC, Asus, Nokia, Acer, LG, Qualcomm and many other small companies have promised to launch new smart watches with all basic features providing camera, touch screen, Blue tooth and many other features in an affordable price by the end of 2014.