Must have apps for rooted android

1.       GL to SD

This is one of the most popular apps that is used by hardcore gamers. This app allows you to move data of huge games into external SD card given that your phone has limited memory.  You can also copy obb files and move them to external SD card.

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2.       Link2SD

This application is used to modify /uninstall as well as move all the factory installed applications to your external SD card thus saving a lot of space for you. Freeing phone’s internal storage has more than one advantage that includes speeding up your phone.

Root Apps

3.       Greenify

This app is based on an iOS functionality and a wonderful app for prolonging battery life and decreasing RAM usage. This application puts other unnecessary apps to hibernation, but in doing so it does not hamper the functioning capability of those apps. It really hibernates apps, not kills/freezes them.

4.       Titanium Backup *root*

This is the most powerful and most widely used backup tool. You can back up your data as well as ROM. You can also use to freeze/defreeze app. A must have app for those who flash their phones with ROM often.

5.       RAM Booster

RAM booster by Gejos Enterprise is one of the very few apps that actually boost RAM. It is very much useful if your phone becomes sluggish while playing games or while doing multitasking. It cleans up RAM by killing unwanted applications while consuming very little RAM for its operation. Give it a try.


6.       Battery Saver (root)

Another app by Gejos Enterprise that actually boosts battery performance by upto 30%. Use it and you will feel the difference yourself.  This app does not ask you to disconnect wifi or cut off mobile data but instead tweaks ROM configuration.

7.       Disk Digger Pro

One of the best apps that is used to recover deleted images and photos from internal memory of your device as well as SD card. You can recover all photos if you have accidently formatted your device.

8.       Chainfire 3D

Chainfire 3D is a GPU tweaking application created for hardcore gamers and for devices having low power GPU. It is an intermediate openGL driver. It basically intercepts and changes the commands between the apps and graphics driver.


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