Play Real Sports with The Players Live On Largest Sporting Network

Have you ever wondered of playing games with the players live. Predicting the game, winning points and rewards, making your friends feel jealous knowing how your predictions are so correct. This sports app is the only app lets the sports fan interact with the game live. One of the best sports app available in the smartphone world.

Check out the sports app trailer video:

In the video as you have seen you get to predict the gameplays. Score against your friends, athletes and as well as the superstars. This app is perfect for sports enthusiasts and sports fans.

firefan sports android and iOS app

Before the game starts you get questions like who will win, what will be the score etc. Then questions are asked during gameplays also. You have to predict by answering the questions. Correct answers will improve your score and increase in your overall rank on the FireFan sports mobile app.

firefan sports app

At the end you can earn reward for your correct answers. This is a sports app for android and as well as for iOS. Currently it is available for pre register, the app will be launched on 11th of November. I think this app will soon make to the top 10 sports apps of the world. So do not wait, pre register now.


  1. Really good app concept. Waiting for the app to launch.

    1. Sure. You can pre register to get early access.

  2. Looks like a fun way to watch and experience football and other sports, especially if your team is losing lol. Excited to play with my friends and
    my rewards for registered early.


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