Router login Netgear router login page

Router login is basically logging in to your router's interface so that you can check people who are connected to, add security, block mac addresses, reset it and many other features.

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Most of the routers have as their default router login ip address but it can depend on router to router company. You can also change the default login ip. Change default admin admin username password to something else.


Go to to see all the default login ip's of different company routers.

To log in on to your netgear router:

Open a web browser from a pc or mobile app browser.

Type or http://www.Routerlogin.Com in the url bar.

The login display screen shows. Input the router person name and password.

The user name is admin. The default password is password. The username and password are case-sensitive. The simple home screen web page shows.

One of the most sensitive thing the router username and password. Make sure you change them to something else as they can be used by any other internet user to login to it and may be reset or do something else to your router. Secure your devices as IoT devices hacking has now increased very much. Go to to find how to change your default username and password for your router.