Educators’ Guide to the Early Years Learning Framework

Childrens always need support and help in learning. Especially when they have just started to learn about their surroundings and the world. Primary teachers should have specially designed material for teaching to childrens. Educations Channels has some well prepared repository for teachers.

For more details=> Early Years Learning Framework

Early Years Learning Framework
Early Years Learning Framework. Click on image for more details.

By implementing these framework one can expect the following outcomes in childrens:

  • Children have a robust sense of identity
  • Kids develop knowledgeable and confident self identities
  • Children discover ways to interact when it comes to others with care and empathy
  • Children learn to interact verbally & nonverbally with others for different purposes
  • Children become privy to equity
  • Children emerge as socially responsible and admire the surroundings.
  • Kids have a strong experience of wellbeing
  • Children come to be robust in their social and emotional well-being
  • Kids take growing duty for his or her own health and bodily health
  • Kids are confident and concerned freshmen
  • Kids increase tendencies for gaining knowledge of their interest, cooperation, self belief, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, creativeness and reflexivity
  • Kids broaden a variety of abilities and methods consisting of trouble solving, enquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, studying and investigating
I hope this help in understanding the importance of early year learning framework.


  1. Great guide. I will check I was searching for some repositories available on the internet. Thanks again :)

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  4. These are the actual outcomes that must come with every children that goes through early years learning framework. Thank you so much for sharing such an awesome article Malik.


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