Teacher's Aide Course: Certificate IV in Education Support

Certificate IV Education Support qualification is for people who work in the area of education. Education setting can range from public and independent schools to community education settings. 

What you will learn?

Skills like providing aid and support to teachers which will help to improve students' learning are taught under broad based supervision. You will learn how to provide supervision to different staff on your own. Basically after getting your certificate you will have some leadership qualities that will help you to work with teachers and make them teach more better to students.

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Certificate IV Education Support
Certificate IV in Education Support. Click on image for more details.
Some of your job roles may require you to do tasks with a medium level of autonomy and provide provision of supervision/leadership to other staff/volunteers in the organisation.

Currently, no licensing, legislative or certification requirements are required to apply for this qualification.

Improve your abilities

Your new abilities will help you become a major influencer inside the lives of kids in a very positive and good way. When you have a certificates III in schooling aid, then why not take the subsequent step to your skill improvement and enrol inside the Certificate IV course. Get to learn additional skill in literacy and numeracy and the way to guide students with disabilities and getting to know problems. You can get a job in various community education settings as a teacher's aide. This include school care facilities, many public and independent as well as special schools that teach students (children) with disabilities.

If you dream about making a difference then with the help of the Certificate IV in education support you can learn the skills anyone needs to become a Teacher Aide within the range of specialised areas. Teacher Aide is a good and rewarding career.

After completing this certificate you can have careers in following professions:
  • Education Support worker
  • Teacher Aide
  • Education assistant
  • Home tutor
  • Language/literacy worker
  • Homeland Teaching assistant

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ΓΈ Entry Requirements

There is no actual entry requirement for this certificate qualification. All you need to successfully complete an ACSF language, literacy & numeracy (LLN) assessment test. All applicants mostly qualify it and is not a very hard task to do.

Other requirements are learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy (ACSF Level 4) are basically needed to participate in the course.

If you successfully complete this qualification then this can open a new pathway for further studies. You can do CHC51308 - Diploma in Education Support.

Many applicants are benefitting from this course and getting jobs in various professions. Certificate iv in education support melbourne  is also provided by the ACTAC. Make sure you do this qualification from trusted source like ACTAC. There are many sites where they claim to be provide certificate IV education support but can be a fraud.

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