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Social media is now one of the top places which you can use drive customers, traffic and convert it into sales, signup etc. Also it is not possible to easily know what users are talking about and what are their needs. Also, what they think of a particular product. For this you need to collect data on a vast level. This is a tough job and needs lot of automation for scraping and grouping data accordingly. It gets more complex if you need location based information.

Now, what if I tell you that you get all the analytics related to social media from an online tool. Yes it is possible that you can get location based analytics through this awesome online tool.

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best social media monitoring
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About GoBabl Social Media Monitoring Tool

GoBabl is a Geolocation Social Media Data, Insights and Engagement Saas Platform. The GoBabl application allows you to find posts based on location, keyword, or user. This feature makes everything easy for social analytics. The application dashboard provides insight on what is found based on your query. It also includes the feature to track specific areas over a period of time in the 'Advanced Analytics' tab. In the main view labeled as Collage View, you can connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts, and engage directly with users on the posts (Comment, Like, Follow).

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If you feel confused on how to use this tool there is a tutorial video which you can watch to learn how to use the tool.

Learn how to use GoBabl tool: Social Media Analysis Tools Free

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