How to Save Your Car from Overheating in Sun

Most of the times when you park your car in sunny area and leave it (without turning on the AC), the car gets heated from inside. Many of us wonder that if they parked in some shady area then it would be good. What if I tell you that you can park your car every time in shade. Yes, you can. Ever heard of auto car umbrella, if not, no problem. An auto car umbrella is simply like an umbrella it just provides shade to your car.

Auto car Umbrella
Click on the image for details on this car cover/umbrella

Lanmodo provides the best in quality car covers that keep your car from being overheated in very hot days. It also saves your car from bird droppings, heavy dust settling on your car and even acid rain that harms the body structure and paint. Get your car umbrella now at


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