Township Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Township is a very popular game which has quite good number of downloads. The concept of township game is combining city building and farming.

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Township Game Farming Tips and Tricks

Township Cheats

Farming in township performs a very essential role in maintaining your town effectively. On the beginning you will be given some fields and as your level increases, you’ll have more land to prepare and cultivate. Here’s a bit manual on how to be efficient together with your crops and fields:

It's really important to keep these things in your mind that the time before you could harvest a crop as some of them take hours to finish.  During the day at the same time as you’re wakeful you are required to focus more on who end speedy. These speedy vegetation like wheat and corn take only a few minutes to grow. They also can be a great supply of coins as you may sell them quickly. Wheat sells for 1 coin for one piece, now not to mention that it grows very fast and is at no cost. Corn sells for three coins however cost is 1 coin. It could sound repetitive and uninteresting however that is certainly one of the exceptional approaches to make coin in township in case you’re not able to meet any orders.

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